Shri Krishna Sulakhe Lead Pujari

Sri Krishna Sulakhe is a Hindu Priest, a Maharashtrian, born and brought up in Hyderabad. He belongs to a Priest Family. His father, Sri Bhaskar Rao Sulakhe, was a renowned priest in Hyderabad. Mr. Krishna got his initial education of priesthood from his father at the age of 8. He has been involved in priesthood from the age of 15. His brother, Sri Kishore Sulakhe, is also a very well-known priest in Hyderabad.

Mr. Krishna Sulakhe worked in a Saibaba Mandir in Chadarghat, Hyderabad, for 3 years. He then was selected to be a priest for the Saibaba Temple in Aurora, Illinois. He worked as a priest in this temple for 11 years. Initially, he got his training to serve Saibaba in Shirdi. His paternal cousin, Dilip Sulakhe, is a very well-known priest in Shirdi Saibaba Temple in Shirdi. Sri Balasaheb Joshi, his brother-in-law, is also a very well-known priest in Shirdi Saibaba Temple in Shirdi.

Mr. Krishna has performed various pujas/ceremonies, including, Kumbhabhishekam for West Michigan Hindu Temple in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Apart from Saibaba puja, Mr. Krishna has performed various Hindu pujas and ceremonies.

Born as a Maharashtrian, Mr. Krishna can speak Marathi as his mother tongue, brought up in Hyderbad, he is also fluent in Telugu, Hindi, Gujarati, Marawari, and English. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Osmania University, Hyderabad and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan College of communication and management. Though very well-educated, he prefers to continue as a priest and serve the community.

Apni Puja performs the the following services:

  • Ashirvachan Ceremonies for Baby Showers, Cradle Ceremonies, Birthdays
  • Nama Karan
  • Anna Prashan
  • Akshara Abhyas/Vedarambha Samskara
  • Upanayan Samskara/Janeu/Thread Ceremony
  • Vivaha Samskara/Marriage Ceremony
  • House Warming Puja/Puja for New Business – Bhumi Puja, Vasthu Shanti, Gruha Pravesh
  • Aayush Puja/Havan (for long life)
  • Satyanarayana Vrata Puja & Katha
  • Sai Satya Vrata Puja and Katha
  • Abhishek – Rudrabhishek, Saibaba Abhishek, and all other deities.
  • Navagraha Puja/Shanti/Havan
  • Navachandi Puja/Durga Puja/Sapthashati

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